How much does it cost to install a home charger?

Electric cars are an ideal way to save money and decrease pollution at the same time. An electric car runs off of a battery that you can charge at a commercial charging station or at home. Most electric cars come equipped with a Level 1 charger that you can plug into any conventional 120-volt outlet, but most people prefer a faster, dedicated charging point at home. Costs vary subject to where you live, which station you acquire, and whether it is portable or is hardwired to your home.

How much does a home charge point cost?

A home charge station usually costs around £800. They may cost considerably more or less based on the type you select. This may appear to be a lot, but the UK government is presently extending a grant of up to 75% of a brand-new charge station’s cost, with an utmost contribution of £350. Consequently, you may pay less than £100 to purchase a home charge station, with the average being in the vicinity of £450.

You could save more than £1,400 a year on fuel by shifting from petrol to electric. If you drive an average of 10,000 miles per annum, the value of your new charger will be made up within a few months.

How we install it

Electric vehicle charging points have to be professionally installed. We will include the installation price in the cost of the unit. The installation process entails wall mounting the charge station on an outside wall or garage, close by to where you usually park and linking it securely to the mains electricity supply. Usually, an installation will take an average of three hours to finalise, depending on the individual stipulations of the driver and the intricacy of the installation.

What is the ideal home charger to install?

Home charge stations are available in 3.7kW and 7kW forms, but the 7kW chargers are more common. They come in different styles, whether you are after a futuristic model to be an attribute to your driveway, or a miniature, subtle covering to conceal your charge station inside something such as a wood-effect box.


If you’re considering installing an electric car charger, home installation does not have to be daunting or complicated, and it assuredly does not need to be expensive either. We provide a 5-star service installation and support is guaranteed 24/7. We also provide a 3-year warranty on any charger purchase made with us. Please feel free to enquire about our services.